Coin Analysis for Bitshares BTS

Recently there was some buzz going around by a forum user named bobrocket. Up until now we didn’t really look into this coin, but now that we’ve done some research, we feel that it has some potential.

Bitshares (Has been around since 2014)

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Bitshares is an experiment in creating decentralized price-tracking crypto using natural market incentives, and building a crypto-asset ecosystem around that.”

The trading experience is comparable to normal cryptocurrency exchanges except all the books are on the blockchain so you don’t have to worry about exchange insolvency. You get yield on assets with high short demand like bitUSD or bitSILVER offering.

There is a powerful user-issued asset system, which flexible enough to allow traditional centralized companies can legally issue their stock, among a lot of other applications.

You don’t have leveraged trading unless you want to leverage long BTS by shorting a BitAsset.

There are bridges to get from BTC to bitBTC to get in and out cheaply for small quantities, but the cheapest way to get a bunch of any bitAsset is still to go directly through BTS.

The fees are a fixed 0.1 BTS per transaction, or 2 times that if you are paying in a market-pegged asset with a price feed (so you can have just a bitUSD vs bitBTC balance and still pay transaction fees).

This is not proof of stake like most coins these days. But users can actually vote by delegated proof of stake!

You can build smartcoins upon the BTS blockchain.

Here is the website

Links for your convenience:

Price as of now:


Exchanges listed on:







Dig deeper into this and you will know what is up:

Roadmap: The roadmap is unofficial since they use delegated proof of stake so if a vote doesn’t pass well too bad


Bitshares 3.0

OpenLedger company funded work on major update to bitshares capabilities:

– Graphene Virtual Machine for smart contracts

– Atomic Swap implementation for UIA, BTS, bitAssets (MPA)

– Improvement of Fee Backed Assets

– New test network

[2017 & 2018]

Agorise Releases

Agorise company funded work on major update to bitshares capabilities:

– UI for blinded/Stealth accounts and transactions (based on Confidential Assets)

– STEALTH fee based asset update

– transaction backend for construction and broadcasting Public2Blind, Blind2Blind, Blind2Public transfers

– Additional capability of zero-knowledge proofs in UI via library for JavaScript

– graphenej – java graphene library for android

– C_IPFS – implementation in C for IPFS to create backups, OpenWrt routers, media storage, chat, CDN’s

– Atomic Order Book – addition of atomic swap order books to aid p2p multi-chain swaps

– Carbon mobile wallet with multi-chain yubikey atomic swaps, nfc/qr, stealth

– Point of Sale systems and integrations

– Ledger Nano S implementation




Decentralized sideBTC BTS token 1:1 backed and pegged to BTC chain via trustless gateway.

BTC version first expandable to any coin with light clients and multisignature/timelock contracts (e.g. EOS).

Secured by fees, witnesses, multisigs, timelocks



Vote expiration

Require registration of private keys at specific time interval for votes to count in

workers, committee, and witness selection to account for lost or abandoned funds.

Improvement on security and DAO funding capabilities.


Runner Up Witnesses

Provide higher security by selecting 1 runner up witnesses every round weighted

by runner-up votes to incentivize high quality runner-up witness nodes (see steem)


Partnerships for 2018:


Google Music




Technical side:

They have a very nice GUI that you can easily download from (The wallet is also on the page):

There are quite a few wallets u can store this coin on.



Some more tips for you all not to miss out on this. I suggest you to just put a small amount in it and see where 2018 will bring us.


Just got released few days ago.

2018 will definitely be a good year for this because of the demand for a decentralized exchanges as more smartcoins get added I am almost positive the price of BTS will rise.

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