Why Ethereum is the cryptocurrency of the future

Ethereum powers roughly half of the altcoins out there.

When you have a blockchain and technology platform that hosts so many coins, it must be valuable right? Well as most of you know, it went from $8 in 2017 to roughly $1,100 as of this article. I predict ETH to continue to grow in 2018 to possibly $3,000. Especially now that the Casper Proof of Stake has been semi-released. Don’t be surprised if ETH hits the prices that BTC currently has. It is certainly possible over the next few years!

The team behind Ethereum is extremely vocal, and they are constantly working on the scalability of Ether for long term market use. Founder Vitalik Buterin is constantly posting on Twitter and is vested in the success of Ethereum. The speed and cost of the transactions for Ether (ETH) are much faster and far less than Bitcoin (BTC) which has brought the price up, along with the Proof of Stake protocol making investors want to benefit from the gains.

As more companies use the Ethereum blockchain and build on top of its’ robust platform, we will continue to see Ethereum grow in the years to come. Now that decentralized applications are catching fire, we will see more Dapps build on Ethereum. Keep your eyes peeled for the companies using this technology as it is being backed by some of the best developers in the world.

Ethereum is a transaction powerhouse.

Currently, the Ethereum Blockchain network processes more transactions  than all of the Blockchain networks in the global market combined, including Bitcoin. According to EtherScan, the Ethereum network is settling nearly 1.4 mln transactions on a daily basis, which is substantially higher than that of the Bitcoin Blockchain network, which settles 420,000 transactions per day.

When you are processing that many transactions every day, you know the team behind it is constantly working to improve the blockchain and platform to continue to scale.

Smart Contracts are the future of commerce.

Most people don’t understand the Smart Contract technology behind Ethereum. Simply put, it is the virtual equivalent of paper contracts. It makes transactions faster, less cumbersome, cheaper, and without having to send paper contracts all around the world. Plus, once the contract is fulfilled, ETH or another altcoin is automatically taken out of escrow and sent to the seller or service provider to complete the transaction.

As always, do your research when investing in a coin, and choose the ones that have a technology useful in society!

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